Does cancellation of ICC cricket world cup opens doors for the 13th edition of IPL?

Recently in a meeting it was finalized by the ICC that the 2020 ICC T20 world cup, which was about to be held in Australia, has now been postponed to the next year. However, this makes a chance for IPL to begin its 13th edition in the September to November window.

Few days ago BCCI told that they are all ready to commence the 2020 IPL in the later end of the year in UAE and they are waiting for two major confirmations which are:-

  1. ICC T20 world cup postponement.
  2. Clearance from the government of India to take away the IPL to UAE.

After the confirmation from ICC all eyes are settled on the government’s approval. But apart from that there is a lot of work which is required to be managed.

Things BCCI will have to take care of are among the major changes which have been brought down in the game after the pandemic. BCCI will have to make sure that the traveling of the players is always safe and none of them breach the rules asked to be followed due to covid-19.

As UAE has been selected as safest of the nation among the whole cricketing world, BCCI will have to take care of every small thing. As IPL is a very big and intense league and there has been some instances of close fights. Also as the intensity of the league increases the margin of breaking the rules, made keeping an eye on the Coronavirus, also decreases. Similarly there is a possibility of fans gathering outside playing fields and hotels hence, these small things are very important to be looked after. It is very essential for the board to maintain the discipline regarding the rules and it will be a very difficult task.

Expectations of the spectators:-

It is already very clear that there will be no spectators in the ground/ stadium. However, as people will not be able to reach the stadiums there will be a great boom in the TRP of this year’s IPL as everyone is waiting for cricket to start and IPL is like a festival of Cricket.

Although it is just a matter of talk right now as no one knows whether it will begin or not but the expectations are too high and everyone wants to watch their heroes play on the field. Hopefully BCCI manages to get the approval of the Indian Government and this years’ IPL begin real soon.

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