How to start your own Blog for free?

Are you looking for starting your own blog for free , which is easy for you to manage and post blogs on?

Then you have came to the right place . We will tell you how can you get this done in a very simple way . Posting a blog was never so easy before .

Are you a content writer and want to publish your blogs ? Planet of blogs is just the place you want to be on. We came up with an planet of blogs for just the scenarios like this where people have talent but need a platform to show case their skills . We want individuals like you to reach out to us and we will help you from there on to be a blogger which people want to read all the time .

Excited? Let’s start then .

How to start publishing blogs on Planet of Blogs?

First things first , Start off with thinking of something you love and want to write about which will inspire audience or you want audience to hear about that .

Great you have an idea of your own , Now let’s start writing it down . Once you have your Blogs with you ready to post , You can reach out to us by going to Contact us or by sending us an email on

We will respond to your email ASAP and our Team will share next steps with you and you will be all set in just couple of steps .

What will you get working with us?

Now this is where things gets exciting , we know you love writing but wouldn’t that just be great . Since we are in the starting phase of this project we are offering a full credit policy to our Authors and customers , we will give you full credits to your blog which includes – Promoting your Social Media , Youtube channels ,Author Credits and Much more .

If your Blog Hits a good number of Audience we are willing to give you a dedicated section on our website , which will give you an opportunity to be in the lime light .
Also we will start paying of our best and premium authors in near Future

So what are you waiting for contact us now .

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